11-13 year old

When is it?


12pm -1pm TBC

*Times are subject to change

Where is it?

Northcross Intermediate Gym,

10 Sartors Avenue, Northcross, Auckland NZ

What Happens?

Emphasis is on applying skills and decision making to game-like situations (individual and multi-player decision making). Team offence and defence strategies are introduced. 
Learn technical skills. Players are developmentally ready to acquire the fundamental movement skills that are the cornerstones of all athletic development.

Refine Bio-Mechanics

Refine Movement

Game-Like Decision Making

Individual Skills

How many coaches?

We currently have 4 coaches per session. 

How many Students?

Each session will have between 15 to 20. 

How much?

$80 per term.

(This works out to be $10 per class)

*Prices are subject to change. 

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