Shooting is the most important skill your child can have. We will train their shot.

Bio Mechanics

Shot Mechanics
Video Analysis

Perfect your shot mechanics.

 Correct movement.

Correct technique.
Class is shooting only.

How many Coaches?

2 coaches which is practically like 1 on 1 coaching but better!

How many players?

2-3 players max. This way we can really focus on individual development

Where & When?

Classes held at Northcross intermediate gym.
Term 3 Sold out!

Session 1. 1pm-2pm

Session 2. 2pm-3pm

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How do you improve shooting?

Pearsons Law states - "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates."
We report back weekly.


Small classes allow us to focus on the details and movements. Children that attend are typically focused on improving this particular skill making it easy to teach and apply. We've modelled Stephen Curry's shot, the best shooter in the world.

What happens in a typical session?

We focus on:

Shooting bio mechanics

Movement on and off the ball

Static and dynamic shooting

Game IQ


Foot work

These sessions are intense, and force mistakes for improvement.

What is the investment in my child?

$200. (Which works out to be $40 a session)

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