5 - 11 Years


What happens?

Teachers are striking for higher wages and fair pay. Which means we can have a ballers camp! 

Included in the program: 

We will focus on fun. More fun the better. This isn't about drills, its about games!
We can provide lunch, with our supporters Pita Pit Oteha Valley. Camp T-shirts are available, blend in with our Limited Edition Teachers Strike T-Shirts.

Where is it?

Pinehill School, Pinehill, 
Auckland NZ

When is it?

9am - 3pm
29th May & 31st May

What's the Investment?

Teachers Strike 

(5 spots left)

29th May 2019

1 Day Camp, Only $35

Teachers Only Day
31st May 2019

 1 Day Camp, Only $35

Pita Pit Lunch 

$6.00 (Optional)

Future Basketball Academy-
 Limited Edition T-Shirt

$15.00 (Optional)